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Divorce/Custody: Do's & Don'ts

Do’s & Don'tns

This is a very emotional time for anyone. We understand that there isn't a univeral Divorce-Custody handbook. Here are some general tips:

“There isn’t a rule book for this phase of life,

we’re here to be your legal guide”

  • <save harassing texts>
  • <save all email/digital/messages>
  • <keep updated insurance policies health/auto>
  • <open a separate bank account>
  • <send harassing messages>
  • <stay away from social media regarding divorce proceeding/custody>
  • <involve your children, you’re getting a divorce not them>
  • <Keep messages civil and don’t discuss case details, with children or opposite parties involved>
  • <don’t sell martial assets unless approved by court>

Standing order of the court in domestic relation cases - Washington County, Arkansas

1. Neither part shall injure, threaten, or harass the other or encourage or solicit other person to so act.
2. If property rights are at issue except in the ordinary course of business, neither party shall sell, agree to sell, mortgage, and pledge or otherwise dispose or destroy any of the property to which the parties own an interest. Neither party may cancel or interfere with any insurance agreement which affect the opposite spouse or minor children.
3. If the rights or custody of children are at issue, neither party shall remove, or consent to the removal of any child of the parties from the state of Arkansas without prior permission of the court or consent of the opposing party. Neither party shall make disparaging remarks to the children about the other party nor permit such remarks to be made by others in the presence of the children.
4. The willful violation of this order may result in punishment by fine or imprisonment, or both. The order shall be in effect against plaintiff upon filing of the complaint and effective against the defendant when served.
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